Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Team Shirt

Guess who is officially part of the Boardworks competitive diving team? Tonight, Kje dove in his first "mini-meet" and came 6th in his class. As part of the event, the coaches handed out prizes and then gave each team member their own t-shirt.

"It's not a t-shirt mom," Kje tells me afterwards. "It's a team shirt." I love that!

A few hours later, after the good-night tickle and giggle.....

"Guess what mom?"
"I'm going to wear my team shirt to school tomorrow to show everyone."
"Great idea. Good night."


"Guess what mom?"
"I'm going to wear my team shirt to school tomorrow."

Pause again...

"Guess what mom?"

"I'm going to wear my team shirt to school tomorrow."
"What a great idea."

Repeat the above a few times, then one last time...
"Guess what mom?"

"You're going to wear your shirt to school tomorrow."

He definitely feels part of the team now.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cars near Keremeos

These are the results from me yelling "stop, pull over" while driving across southern BC on highway #3. I am pretty sure we are in Keremeos in October, 2009 but I felt like we were in another time and place altogether.

Public Access Photo Shoot

Three band members, five locations, hopefully, one CD cover. Does being the band photographer mean the same thing as being a groupie? Here are some shots from the world premiere of Public Access.

First $20 busking...

First house party.

Quesnel Series #

I have always been attracted to raw materials, rusting metal, cracked paint, graffiti, industrial stuff.Well, here is my latest favourite photo series, straight from the Quesnel train station. A nod to Canadian Pacific, the canvas.

This was once my favourite photo

I thought I should retire these spring shots from my home page before the snow falls...
This is one of those shots that melts your heart... "here mommy, this is for you."