Thursday, March 29, 2007

Pass it Out... I mean On

Once, after drinking half a bottle of port behind a mechanics garage in Halifax, my advertising agency creative director took me to the bookstore to buy a copy of Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. It was her favourite book and she felt compelled to give it to me, knowing that I would just love it, which I did, devouring it like, well, a bottle of port behind a mechanics garage in Halifax. I have never forgotten that (damn good port, damn good book, damn good deed).

So, I have taken to leaving behind books and magazines on purpose, hoping they will find their way to someone who just needs it. I often wonder if I have made a difference in the finders life somehow. Perhaps some tidbit of wisdom from page 213 compelled him to create a new life as a tattoo artist in Tahiti. Or an inspirational photo of yam fries with miso gravy from page 14 compelled her to finally ask Jo over for dinner, leading to a life happily ever after. I believe my leave-behinds only do good, spreading subliminal messages like that sweet angel whispering in your ear.

Imagine my delight when I found a little leave-behind had been left behind for me. Imagine my intrigue when I realize this magazine was Out. As in Out of the closet.

Of course, I can't just leave it there. I have to read it. What page will my muse come from? What line of fate will be tempting me? I took the magazine on holiday and one evening I read it page by page while the kids were watching cartoons and my husband was reading about US Marine snipers.

Muse? Inspiration? The only thing that jumped out at me were the words- velvet, penis, pleasure, queer, erotic, artist, brave, change, spank. Hmmm. Not quite what I was looking for.

Until I found it. Page 91. Michael Musto to Gore Vidal: "Were you always out?" Vidal to Musto: "I was never in."

Now there is a strong statement that makes you think. What has always been an integral part of the public me? What is in my life that I have kept hidden, unexposed, or at least not presented in its fullest potential? Hmmmmm...damn good question. Pass the port and let's chat about it.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

JWIN - a new favourite acronym

My older son IM'd me this today: "JWIN."

"What does it mean?" I wrote back.

He replied, "Announcement: three minute drum break."

I wait, thankful that hi-hat crashes and tom-tom thumps can't penetrate my computer. After three minutes I get this: "Banging on the drums. Just What I Need."

I kinda like that. Right now I am going to take a hot milk bath with a Japanese pottery dish full of dark chocolate wafers. JWIN.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Where's Goofy?

Here is my favourite photo from Disneyland. Forget Mickey, I was enthralled with taking pictures of the little things you aren't suppose to *see* in Disneyland. Something about this square of translucent toilet paper against the coloured tiles just made my day.

This one kinda resonated with me too.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Vacation Memories

Back from vacation. Fish are still alive. Last time I went to Disneyland the memory of many, many large American families (I'm talking size, not quantity) stuck with me for years. Here is what I think will stick with me this time:

1. Troupes of ponytailed cheerleaders in like, matching outfits walking around like, soooo excited. Goooo Wildcats! Don't go to Disneyland when there is a National Cheerleading Tournament on.
2. Speaking of tournaments, we stooped to low levels and headed to the Medieval Times dinner theatre, ate roasted chicken with our bare hands, cheered for the red knight, and paid the extra $2 to tour the torture chamber. When in Rome....
3. I love the meerkats at the San Diego zoo - almost as much as I love the Pirates of the Caribbean. Very, very cool.
4. My youngest son after The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror: "Not Good."
5. My youngest son after the California Screamer: "That's fantastic mommy. Again."
6. Free continental breakfast at the hotel - 7 days of danishes. I am looking forward to my sugar-free fast.
7. My older son all day long: "Next I want to eat here, and then we are going to eat here, and then we are going to eat back here..."
8. It is true - Tom Sawyer's Island is being transformed into a Pirate's Liar. Possibly a reason to go back after another 8 years....maybe. Drink up, Me hearties, Yo Ho!

After six days both boys just wanted to leave the Happiest Place on Earth and go home. The computers are already on.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Glow in the Dark Bowling

Some things are just too much fun. Making mudpies. Letting off firecrackers. Skipping rocks. Playing hide-and-go-seek or Kick-the-can or...glow-in-the-dark bowling.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

A Silly Fieldtrip

My younger son said to me this morning "Mom, after my birthday, my sillies are going to go on a fieldtrip."

"Oh," I said. "Where are they going to go?"

"To Mexico. They will walk and swim and they will be very, very small so the sharks won't get them."

Hmmmm. I think I will miss the sillies when they leave. Perhaps I will hide their suitcase. Here they are, sillies on a dock.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007


Eric did this on his blog, and because I don't have an original thought in my body, I copied him.

I just took the Superhero test. Lean, muscular and feminine? Not so sure that is me.
Honest and a defender of the innocent. I think I will keep that one.

I kinda wish I was Wonder Woman though... without the U.S.A. flag painted on.

Click here to take the Superhero Personality Test

Monday, March 5, 2007

Sad Little Isopod

My husband's isopod was just sitting minding his Level 32 Maple Story business, which I think is shooting mushrooms with wee arrows and bashing blue blobs on the head, when all of a sudden this mesmerizing long-haired character in a cone-shaped river-raft hat tells him this:

I find this image sad, evocative, and beautiful.

Sunday, March 4, 2007


Today, I went to the F440 race track and pretended to be an Indy 500 driver. During the last race I played around with my camera to try to capture the speed and exhilaration of the go karts. Here are two favourite photos, taken at the same spot, using different techniques. It was also Jeff's 30th birthday party. Not a bad way to start your third decade, hey. Vrooommm.....

Friday, March 2, 2007

Boring Post

My older son thinks my blog is boring. Hmmm... I have to agree, but then, that is the whole point. It's kinda nice to be bored every once in a while. It just doesn't happen often enough anymore. Time to just...think. Be.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

To Relish Up Escalator

Well, I just finished my photography course and I am hoping you can help me with something. My final portfolio included photographs of things I saw while walking on the streets of Vancouver. Feedback seemed to be divided as to which of the following two shots was the best one. What do you think? Hot Dog Stand Condiments or Up Escalator?

Past Favourite Photograph

This is me, my shadow, and I.