Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mary Jane

A previous post mentioned my friend Mary Jane and her home studio. Fun, fun, fun to grab her camera and take pictures of her. (I have camera envy!) So these are shared photos I guess - my eye, her gear and studio and lighting and lens and props and model.

Beautiful eyes that grab you:

Beautiful smile that pulls you in:

The photo shoot!

Lemons Ahoy!

I keep seeing lemons everywhere. Vibrant shots of sour juice all packaged in an itsy bitsy yellow ball.

Summer is coming. Bring on the lemonade stands.


Okay, so it's very rare that the person with a passion for the camera ever gets their mug into the lineup. I have thousands of photos of my favourite people, and about 10 of me. My friends took these pictures last weekend (doubled my inventory to 20 in one day!) so I had to share.

This is me taking a picture of the geese:

This is me in Mary Jane's Studio:

I put a Sin City effect on both these shots. I kinda like that they are night and day... or day and night and that Sin City works on them both. All I can is that I want my own red hot feather duster at home!
Mary Jane is a great photographer and has been a big inspiration for me. Check her out here.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Photo Safari Too

Here are a few other favourites from last weekend.

Fisgard Lighthouse:

Kyle in Tunnel:

Who says I don't like puppy eyes?

Rusted metal... I love it!

A different take on the Parliament Buildings:

Photo Safari

Okay, it's true. Last weekend I took over 1,200 shots. Okay, I used up 19 GB of spaces on three memory sticks, so maybe it was a bit more than that....

But sometimes, sometimes all thoses photos can boil down to one favourite. And here it is. One favourite.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

2 Things to think about

1. Australia's coastline is 25, 800km long and is dusted with over 7,000 beaches.

2. Queensland has 300 days of sunshine a year.