Friday, February 12, 2010


For those of you who have not had the pleasure of watching Kje dive, here are some "typical" diving shots. The pool enclosure is actually very warm, but I thought I might cool these shots down with a blue tone, just for fun.

Olympic spirit, localized

Away from Vancouver. Away from the Games. Here are some images from our local school Olympic celebration - the best opening Games ceremony you can imagine. The crowd (well... the kids) go wild when Team Canada (well... the grade three class performing their slam jam dance) entered the gym.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

On the road

Something about the composition, mood and tension of this photo makes me uneasy. But I love it.

Jesus And Me But No Christians Are In My Band

Paris wrote this for his Write Stretch creative writing class. I love it and thought I would share.

Jesus And Me But No Christians Are In My Band

i'm not Christian, but I'm friends with Jesus because he's cool and Jesus isn't Christian (just his dad, sorta) and Jesus smokes pot (i seen him doin it) but i don't and he respects that and he's pretty good at video games (but i usually win) and he's a damn good drummer, like, he started with jazz so now he throws all kinda beats out, and he's pretty !@#$ing good at guitar so i almost got borned one time and down comes Jesus, and Jesus says 'wassup lil man' and i say to him 'not much' and he says 'listen up now, the world is here for you to do some stuff' and i say 'what kinda stuff' and he says 'some pretty darn cool stuff' and he teaches me to play blues guitar real good (cause Jesus is pretty chill and it was chill blues like Johnson, not like Trout) and i didn't even hafta sell my soul for a tuning (cause he's Jesus H. Christ) and i say 'cool' and so he leaves and then i got born and that was the day i became friends with big J but like i said Jesus isn't even religious which is pretty cool cause that kinda stuff's lame and now he's the drummer in my band

Thursday, February 4, 2010

My medal delivered

I remember being 18 years old and sitting with a family friend in her living room. Judi was a travel writer (still is - last I heard she just got back from India) and she walked me through her "Travel Writing 101" crash course. I was fascinated - my life of travel and adventure was before me! I could see it (Vietnamese water markets), taste it (hot spring mineral water from the colonnade in Karlovy Vary), hear it (howler monkeys late at night outside Palenque), feel it (weltering heat of South Dakota badlands), smell it (fresh lime and pad thai on Haad Yao beach).

Life goes on, and things become what they are. The dream of being a writer came and went. But I kept plugging away, year after year, keeping my mind on one story or another, and managing to publish a few things in a few places, just enough to ensure the spark nevery died....completely.

So.... (okay, I'm getting to the point of all this)... you can imagine how absolutely amazing it feels to say that during the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games, I am working for Tourism BC's media relations department writing story ideas that will be sent to travel media around the world.  My first batch were released yesterday.

My words! My words sent to media all over the world! For a few short days, I AM A TRAVEL WRITER!!

Life Coach Website Launch

My good friend Tracy McMicking is one of those beautiful people that you like right away. She has an amazing ability to engage with people and make them feel comfortable, which is one of the reasons why she does so well in her chosen passion, being a life coach.

And she recently just launched her new website, so I thought I would share her with you and encourage you to give her a call if you think you might need a bit of help reaching your full potential in life. Getting to that place where you are doing what you want to be doing, being who you want to be, every day.

And... guess who did the portait photos for her website?