Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ryan and Nikole in turquoise and red

Nothing better than a good ole fashioned family wedding. Throw in a little Branson Missouri, a BBQ or two, and some teeny tiny frogs and you have the makings of memories. There are some people in life you know will never reach their full potential of happiness until they find their true love to gush over. I am so deeply, truly happy for my cousin Ryan who has finally found his Nikole.

My Mom, My Aunt and her stylish friend Nancy all looking like mid-western belles:

Best man (imported from California) and Groom (imported from Maui):

Father of the Bride and Pastor du jour:

Um... just look at those eyes... need I say more?

The famous shot that made it to Facebook profile status:

The smile that won my cousin's heart:

Self Portrait

They say that at some point every photographer takes their camera in hand (or perhaps on tripod) and creates a series of photos of themselves. To be honest, I haven't done that. But... I do love this photo that Paris took of me, which is one of a series he did for his photography club. (I added the effects.) I read a photo essay / article this summer (I think) about Meryl Streep and the photo she loves of herself was the one the publicist didn't want printed. It was too real, with real wrinkles and laugh lines and real blemishes and no makeup. I think that's why I love this photo, too. No smile, no style. This is me on any Sunday morning.

Baguette Bistro Bro

Look! My brother is in Look. The local Burnaby magazine, that is. Just click on page 9. But look, I know the heading says "Gourmet Brunch at Home" but don't listen to that nonsense. You have to head to Chez Meme Baguette Bistro to truly experience the "breakfast creation that's a definite gastro-delight" live in person. And that way, you can meet my sister-in-law Isabelle. A few photos to whet your bon appetit:

Ode to the Ofuro

Speaking of Leanne and Rob... I was fortunate to have an article printed in the May/June issue of Cottage Magazine about the newlywed's ofuro, a Japanese-inspired wooden hot tub they received as a wedding gift. Seriously, if you are ever thinking of getting a hot tub, you have to dip into one of these..... 

Wedding Bells were ringing

Eeek. I am so far behind on my posts that I thought I would start with one that is over a year old. Truth is, I was working on some wedding photos last week, which reminded me of my favourite wedding photos from Leanne and Rob's Mayne Island ceremony last May. And... since I haven't shared them yet, here you go.