Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Food around the clock

Local, organic tick-tock

Local veggies

Paris and I went local farm hopping on Sunday. Here is some of our bounty:

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Further to my last post, I also had to pick out a font that I liked.

After the designers version of a blind taste test, I picked Helvetica. Turns out the font is over 50 years old, it's the most widely used and recognized font ever, and has recently become the subject of its own movie.

Described as distinctive, professional and timeless, the font that will represent me also represents Crate & Barrel, American Airlines, Mattel, The North Face, Dole, National Car Rental, evian and Harley Davidson. Oh, and it also is used by Jeep, which happens to have a moss green colour attached to its Helvetica font.

Funny how you can be attracted to something so quickly. My immediate reaction on seeing Helvetica during my taste test (visual test) was akin to love at first sight. A pang of longing over I don't know what. Just words. Swirls and a perfect letter "a."

This has not been written in Helvetica.

blue or green

I've been putting some creative juices towards a fun project lately... and had to come up with a colour that represented me. Tough project.

So, I asked the boys: If I was a colour what colour would I be.

The kids all said I would be green. A dark forest green.

The husband hummed and hawed and then looked at my blue shirt and then looked up at me and said blue, with a smile.

Dark forest green. That seems like such a brooding colour.

So, I picked five colours: dark teal blue, moss green, dark sensuous red, straw yellow and taupe, my favourite colour for walls and hot tubs.

The final selection is up to someone else. Will be interesting to see how it (I?) turns out.

dog days of summer

nothing better than a day hanging around the skate park

lords of dogtown... i mean sidney

i love this next one

the type "A" skater

tough board

graffiti man


Just a simple photo from the Victoria Jazz Fest. This is Gypsophilia. I want to go to one of their famous dance parties in Nova Scotia.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Kje: Dad, can I have some dehydrated water?

Dad: You mean carbonated water?

Kje: Oh.... yah.

I love that.