Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Further to my last post, I also had to pick out a font that I liked.

After the designers version of a blind taste test, I picked Helvetica. Turns out the font is over 50 years old, it's the most widely used and recognized font ever, and has recently become the subject of its own movie.

Described as distinctive, professional and timeless, the font that will represent me also represents Crate & Barrel, American Airlines, Mattel, The North Face, Dole, National Car Rental, evian and Harley Davidson. Oh, and it also is used by Jeep, which happens to have a moss green colour attached to its Helvetica font.

Funny how you can be attracted to something so quickly. My immediate reaction on seeing Helvetica during my taste test (visual test) was akin to love at first sight. A pang of longing over I don't know what. Just words. Swirls and a perfect letter "a."

This has not been written in Helvetica.

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