Saturday, April 11, 2009

Photo Safari Too

Here are a few other favourites from last weekend.

Fisgard Lighthouse:

Kyle in Tunnel:

Who says I don't like puppy eyes?

Rusted metal... I love it!

A different take on the Parliament Buildings:


Mika Ryan said...

Great photos - you just keep getting better and better!


Maggy and Me - said...

Agree - these are wonderful!

Following up on yesterday's question, what SLR do you use? I'm deciding between getting a point and shoot or SLR first... You're right, I'm a bit concerned I may not carry the bigger one around as much - at least to start... your thoughts madame photog? :)

susan said...

I use a three-year-old Rebel XT, but will be upgrading soon to the Canon Mark 5D or 50D. Not sure which one.

andee said...

let me know when you are ready to sell!

Mary Jane Howland Photography said...

I love the photos! Your tunnel shot of Kyle inspired me to go there this past weekend to do some shots. I didn't one like yours...but got some other ones that are fun.