Sunday, March 25, 2007

Vacation Memories

Back from vacation. Fish are still alive. Last time I went to Disneyland the memory of many, many large American families (I'm talking size, not quantity) stuck with me for years. Here is what I think will stick with me this time:

1. Troupes of ponytailed cheerleaders in like, matching outfits walking around like, soooo excited. Goooo Wildcats! Don't go to Disneyland when there is a National Cheerleading Tournament on.
2. Speaking of tournaments, we stooped to low levels and headed to the Medieval Times dinner theatre, ate roasted chicken with our bare hands, cheered for the red knight, and paid the extra $2 to tour the torture chamber. When in Rome....
3. I love the meerkats at the San Diego zoo - almost as much as I love the Pirates of the Caribbean. Very, very cool.
4. My youngest son after The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror: "Not Good."
5. My youngest son after the California Screamer: "That's fantastic mommy. Again."
6. Free continental breakfast at the hotel - 7 days of danishes. I am looking forward to my sugar-free fast.
7. My older son all day long: "Next I want to eat here, and then we are going to eat here, and then we are going to eat back here..."
8. It is true - Tom Sawyer's Island is being transformed into a Pirate's Liar. Possibly a reason to go back after another 8 years....maybe. Drink up, Me hearties, Yo Ho!

After six days both boys just wanted to leave the Happiest Place on Earth and go home. The computers are already on.

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