Saturday, September 6, 2008

Red, Yellow and Green

Some days things just don't go right. Bad news, stubbed toes, broken glass, etc, etc. Nothing goes right from the moment you get out of bed until the moment you get back in. This year, the end of summer and beginning of school collided into a few of the those days for me. Too much to do, do little time to do it.

My down days accumulated into a near-breakdown at the local school supplies store.

I needed exactly 9 duotangs for the little guys school suppliers, all different colours. One red, one yellow, one green, one purple, one dark blue, one light blue... oh, you get the idea. Why anyone would want to make a parents life more difficult by forcing them to buy 9 different colours of the same thing is beyond me, but we do what we need to do, and then make sure there are no peanuts around in case of allergies and that all our shoelaces are tight in double knots.

Of course, the local store only had 6 of the 9 colours, and it was at the end of the day and I was grumpy and it was about the 99th piece of bad news in 3 days and I was about to break down, pull off the best kindergarten-sized tantrum I could muster and then lock myself into the nearest locker I could find.

Just then, miracle of miracles, a shop employee said "excuse me" and proceeded to put on the shelf the exact three colours I needed. One red, one yellow, one green. Just enough for me. Just the colours I needed. And she didn't even know it! Divine intervention, I love you.

Needless to say I managed to brush myself off and head home with a smile on my face. Sort of.

Perhaps things would go better tomorrow, I thought.

And then, of course, they did.

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Maggy and Me said...

A beautiful reminder of positive thinking - especially when the tantrum or breakdown is about to hit! :)