Thursday, October 16, 2008

Crisp, clean fall

Just read this passage about fall on the British Columbia Magazine blog.

"It’s a season of enhanced sensory pleasures. The crisp air seems scrubbed clean and its gentle nip makes you appreciate a cozy scarf and gloves. In the coastal forest, the beauty of the evergreens is enhanced by the contrasting deciduous flares of yellow, orange, and red."

I took a float plane today from Victoria to Vancouver and dipped in and out of some of that crisp fog that makes fall what it is. I had on my biggest scarf, my winter coat (the one that makes me feel like I am wearing my mom's old warm winter coat - and that's a good thing) and my new fall kick-ass boots. The enhanced sensory pleasure came in the form of air sneaking into the cracks of the plane by my feet (all normal, I assure you).

Yellow, orange and red could be seen as I flew over Mayne and Galiano and James and Sidney and Saturna. Gulf Islands all a-glowing!

Yep, fall is here in full form. Beauty.

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