Thursday, January 8, 2009

Old sunken bottles of life

Last weekend, the guys headed out for a dive, while I stayed on shore and played with the camera lens. Fast forward an hour and a half, and our friend Al came out of the water with an old ink bottle, covered in life, looking beautiful as only old sunken bottles can. Covered in sea fir hydroids, like a little sparse forest all on its own.

First, a baby octopus came out, red all over and eager to sneak back into the waves. Slithered in the palm of Al's hand, squiggly and wiggly, then swam away.

Then, later, when I as taking photos of the bottle (see above), I noticed a tiny red thing on the rock. Looks like a shrimp (but I can't find it in our reference book, so don't quote me on that). Upon further notice, the bottle (see above) is home to quite a few of these little things. Check closely (see above) and you can see them too.

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