Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wine, smoke and art

We have all heard it before. Introduce your kids to drinking early and it becomes a normal part of life, as opposed to a "let's get drunk on hard-mix in the woods behind the elementary school" part of life.

I remember talking to someone that gave their young son a cigarette and told him to suck hard. The poor kid never smoked again in his life.

We have always been ones to talk openly with our boys. Sex, drugs, marijuana, homelessness, finances, poverty, war, you name it. The conversations are real. (Unless you count the conversations about the tooth fairy and Santa Claus, of course.)

Well, along that line, we introduced our kids to a new art form this weekend. Of course, in a safe, comfortable way. With a hand-shake and a promise that they would never, ever do it again, unless it was an approved location, like our garage.

Check it out!

I kinda like the not so subliminal message on the right side. NO. As though this was an anti-graffiti ad.

Here is another example of the artwork on the wall.

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