Monday, March 2, 2009

Spring cleaning

Whew... cleaning up a few photos and replacing them with new ones. Feels good. Kinda how I imagine my parents felt all those years when they removed all the baking pans, cleaned up the loose flour, wiped things down, and then put everything back in again.

Spring cleaning.

In our house, that now means spending days in the garden cleaning up from fall and winter.

Eventually, we will have all the flowers and flou-flou dead and taken out, replaced with natural, indigenous ferns, moss, salal and rotting leaves. Ah, nature.

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Maggy and Me - said...

God I miss the west coast at this time of year!

We're still captive to the cold and aren't guaranteed of no more snow for at least another month. Enjoy. Really. Don't even think about the rest of us who'll be doing our spring cleaning in July. Really. Enjoy.