Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Long-sleeve, button-up

Went with Paris to the store yesterday to buy some Oscar de la Renta long-sleeve, button-up striped dress shirts. Then back home, he showed me his new beige suit and the book he is reading - something about making money by Donald Trump. We had tea and watched some Shopaholic movie.

I came home today to see this email from him:

"Hey Mother. I'm writing up a business plan for a parking space. I'll get it to you soon and we can go over it on Monday.P.S. - I'm writing it on FaceBook because Daniella asked me to do some "teenager" stuff."

Thanks Daniella. That boy needs some balance! If I didn't go for a bike ride with him and listen to him play his guitar I would swear he was 30-years-old working at a bank.

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