Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Saanich Farm Photographer....mooo

As many of you have realized, I have gone a little Farm Girl Photographer over here on the island. Everything from pumpkin farms to wine farms to raspberry farms to grain farms to you name it anything that grows on the land farms. And then there are the fields and markets and fairs and home-made jams in jars.... I could go on.
After dropping my son off at the ferry on Sunday I drove around North Saanich with my camera and came across this amazing cross road with cows hanging by the fence. My moment of cow chasing (with my camera that is) had finally come.

For your viewing pleasure - my intimate moments with the cows.

I love the attitude of this hunched over black cow watching the others graze:

Long grass, blackberry, rusty barbed wire, fence post, barn, cows, blue sky. If this isn't rural life, I don't know what is:

Blurred cow:

I loved watching the cows just ignore everything but their stomachs:

What a beauty:

Bessie (or Bob?) giving me the sweet eye and playing shy:

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