Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm alive

It has been a while since my last post. It has been a while since my last..... thoughtfully written post (still might be a while yet). And, while these simple words I am about to write are not eloquent, profound, or philosophical, I find it refreshing that there is a spark in my belly that urges me to write.... whatever there is to share, now.

Time moves on from day to day. During busy, chaotic periods, time moves quickly from task to task to task, from sun up to sun down, leaving little room for tired brains and energyless anything to find space for creative thought.

I have no creative thought now. I have no organized thought now. All I have is a little spark simmering just enough to ramble on and on.

I kinda like that. I need more rambling in my life. More spontaneous combustion. More space for possibilities.


I am going upstairs to grab our bellows. I will open my mouth wide and force some air into the wee spaces in my soul and stoke that simmering spark. 

Burn baby burn.

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Maggy and Me - said...

I was just thinking that no one has been writing on their blogs lately. How come? Busyness? Olympics? Change in the air?

And I've also been feeling the same about creativity. There's something stirring deep inside. Inspiration? Passion? Evolution?

Breathing deeply, listening, eyes wide open. Ready.