Friday, April 23, 2010

Vintage Collections

Thank you Andy, for pointing out this website full of whimsical, vintage collections. I recall seeing so many of these items in my youth. And some still float around in closets and boxes.

My favourite personal collection from my childhood comprised of two ice cream buckets full of colourful bottle caps. I loved putting my little hands into the mix and stirring them around. It was the time before twist off and most were bent from a bottle opener. Metal on metal on skin sounded like a quiet waterfall.

I also collected over 100 elephants of every assortment. Even when I was too old for a giant pink stuffed animal, I chopped Ellie up and stuffed her into pillows so I could still cry into her arms when needed.The best Christmas present I ever received.

My grandfather's stamp collection beckons me to this day and I love that my Mom hangs on to it. They are beautiful and full of history and I can imagine what letters might have been written if the stamps were ever used. I have stopped trying to collect books and passport stamps.

Today, I collect memories. Often in the form of digital photos. I collect weeds in my backyard, and most of them are beautiful. I collect blog postings, too. I already have more than I expected.

I collect rocks. Or I should say, my family collects rocks and we place them around our home together. I also have quite a few cheap necklaces and bags. My latest was a gift from a friend and the bright stripes make me feel better every time I pick it up. It came from India and holds the little bits of paper that seem to collect as weeks go by.

I have started a suit collection that I don't particularly like and would willingly trade it in for a few hundred Popsicle sticks or marbles.

Who didn't collect hockey cards?

I also collected Playmobile in my youth and still remember the smell of Granville Island when I hit the Kids Market to buy the little painter man to add to my collection. I was in my twenties and his french barret and mini easel made my day. He was my last purchase.

What do you collect?

Here is a photo of a vintage collection I saw at the side of the road in southern British Columbia. I kinda like it.

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