Monday, June 7, 2010

Colour in Kamloops

I am a B.C. girl, born and raised. With my B.C. upbringing I spent part of my summers on Shuswap Lake. Friday night, we would jump in the wood-paneled station wagon, take the Trans-Canada away from Burnaby and up the Fraser Canyon, (stopping in Cache Creek for Dairy Queen, of course, and lifting our legs over Spences Bridge bridge) and stop at a motel in Kamloops for the night. Early Saturday morning, we would drive along the Thompson river to Chase for groceries and then to St. Ives on Shuswap. Racing the train along the way.

Ritual. Tradition. Travel. Family memories.

Needless to say, this is what Kamloops always looked like to me via my memories.

I managed to catch a few minutes in downtown Kamloops a few weeks back and saw another side of the tracks, we might say. Now, Kamloops looks like this to me:

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Mika Ryan said...

wow, feels like you've really hit your stride - found your signature style - love it!