Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Top Shots: Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg

De Dutch fishing at Kinderdijk:

Paris playing at our lakeside picnic:

Tony loving his bike in the back alley:
Zeeland cows:  

Antwerp Dogs:
$5 worth of pralines from the Rubens market = one happy Kje: 

Afternoon of Eminence at Battle of Waterloo site. "I am standing where Napoleon stood!":
La Roche-en-Ardenne Castle:  

Mardasson Memorial at the Bastogne Historical Centre (Battle of the Bulge):

Luxembourg City gorgeous gardens view:

Kje thoroughly enjoying himself in the Charleroi Museum of Photography:
Ypres.... so much to remember. In Flanders Fields Museum. Listening to the Last Post and Reveille ceremony. Walking through trenches. Walking through rows of graves. 

Sail 2010 in Amsterdam:

Rembrandt. Van Gogh. I am tired of museums:
Solemn memories from Anne Frank Huis, photos of kittens from KattenKabinet cat museum: 

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol & British Airways, home away from home:


Claudi said...

Are you guys kidding me here? Going to the Netherlands and not mentioning this at all? :(
I would have come to see you guys, Amsterdam is just a spit away!
Now I'm sad :(

Shanna said...

Fantastic photos! I love your unique perspectives.

Mika Ryan said...

trotulSusan, wow, love the photos! you've really developed a unique style that is reflective of you, an eclectic, quirky, beautiful view of the world.