Saturday, July 2, 2011

Turning 40 for Real This Time

And yep, the big day was upon me. Not the birthday year, but the birthday day. Saturday night. June 18. Officially, the cake came out. Two candles. 4 on fire... 0 on fire... I only blew one out to prove I have a boyfriend... (well, actually I married him ten years ago, but I think that still counts).

The party was perfect - a backyard BBQ get together with family - complete with a few of my favourite things:

  • My Family
  • A special performance from two of my nieces as they danced to "Sweet Caroline" by Neil Diamond...just for me!
  • Punching balloons all around
  • Barefoot kids running around chasing each other
  • Riesling... a few glasses at that
  • Christmas lights, patio lanterns, Chinese paper lamps and torch lights all over the backyard
  • My very own PARTY TIME plastic shot-glass-around-the-neck necklace
  • Pinata full of candy and toys for the kids to whack at
  • Pinata full of candy and miniature liquor bottles for the adults to whack at
  • Fire pit surrounded by deck chairs...perfect set up for great chats and lots of laughs all night long
  • Adults eating candy and passing around mini bottles of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey (tastes like heaven, burns like hell...)
  • My brother's signature appetizer (my favourite) made from smoked salmon, cream cheese and buckwheat crepes
  • Cheese puffs and salt & vinegar chips (um... actually, don't really remember if there were any...)
  • My Mom's famous lemon cake AND she made two!
  • My sister-in-law's famous chocolate flourless cake!
  • Music... all my favourites, perfect backdrop
  • Sparklers
  • Dancing with Dad to an oldie but goodie
  • A crazy white and red feather hat, wacky green sunglasses and a blue boa, just to remind me that I am 40 and my parent's daughter
  • A light rain and warm, cozy sweaters to keep the chill out
  • Pottery for my collection
  • My very own sparkly, twirly baton with tassels
  • Hugs and kisses from everyone

The best present was that I didn't have to organize anything, decorate anything, cook anything, clean anything or drive myself home. Ah..... bliss.

So, did I feel any older?  My son Paris was my designated driver for the first time ever, so that was kinda weird and wonderful at the same time and yes, while sitting in the back seat I did reflect on the fact that at one time, a long long time ago, he was just learning to walk and now he's driving and that transformation doesn't happen overnight.  But after celebrating my birthday year for six months and 17 days already, the actual day felt a bit like a water station half way through a marathon (not that I have ever run a marathon or plan to, but you get the point, right?).

It was just a day to celebrate all that has been and all that will be. And what a perfect way to do that! And so.... on to the rest of my Turning 40 year. This is when the fun really begins...


Marla said...

Where was this party? It sounds like it was a perfect way for you to celebrate being 40. Now, only if there was some spaghetti from the Spaghetti factory...xoxo

susan said...

It was just in my brother's back yard. And yes, we should do a Spaghetti Factory night! How perfect!!