Sunday, November 6, 2011

Port Renfrew Secret No Longer

If you happen to see a copy of this month's Cottage magazine, check out my latest article, this time featuring Port Renfrew. Although not the cover shot, the story spreads over six pages and features a photo of my husband and son buying a few famous cherry pies (yum!) from The Cook Shack at the Port Renfrew Marina alongside a photo of my favourite beach. Turn the page and there is the shot of the San Juan River. Mixed in are a few images of the welcoming Wild Coast Cottages . . . wait a minute, anyone want to head to Port Renfrew this weekend? Or at least read about it? 


Nancy Vieira said...

thank you so much for finding the Renfrew I know and love! I was so happy when I asked a recent client how he had heard of me....your Renfrew story was what did it! love , love, love how you GOT RENFREW!
nancy vieira

susan said...

Thanks Nancy! And thank you for taking the time to share your Renfrew with me! Susan