Thursday, July 5, 2012

Everything You Need To Know

My younger son graduated from elementary school this year and part of the process was getting a published Yearbook. As I contributed photos to the yearbook (yay!) I was just as excited to flip through it as he was. But I have to admit, my favourite page is full of quotes from the Grade 5 class in response to "Any advice for next year's Grade 5's?"

In the spirit of Robert Fulgham, I thought you might enjoy reading their responses:

Listen in class.
Listen carefully and follow instructions.
Don't get stressed by homework, it'll only get you frustrated.
Bring your homework back to school.

Make good choices, use your manners, be awesome.
Be a role model.
Don't be a tattle tale.
Don't get into trouble.
All the kids look up to you so do good stuff and help when needed.

Stay on your toes.
Make memories, work hard, have fun.
When in PE don't be afraid to go all out. Do your best!

Study Math.
Listen in Math.
Try to live through Math.

Don't be an idiot. Be Smart!
Be creative.
Believe in yourself.
Get some sleep. 

Hmmmm. Pretty good stuff. Pretty smart kids.

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