Monday, September 24, 2007

Investor Alert

Some kids spend their weekends playing soccer, watching tv, or building forts. Paris does all this, but then also spends his time creating business opportunities, writing business plans, soliciting investors, and scoping out the best real estate to invest in.

This weekend, things got a bit serious. Along with his friend Michael, he managed to secure three investors for the purchase of an apartment. After a few days of looking at they found a perfect apartment for sale in Tumbler Ridge. Hmmmmm...

The plan is to continue to save money until they are both 14, when they can get real jobs with real pay. Then, after six months of "hard labour" they will take their savings, finalize funding with their investors, and buy a rentable apartment. Hopefully one they can walk to.

When I was 13 I was saving money for a box of chocolates from Shoppers Drug Mart. I perhaps also saved enough to build a fort in the wooded area a few blocks from my house, provided I found the lumber and took nails from Mom's toolbox.

Yes, I fully expect one day that Paris will own at least a few homes, and rent out a few more. In the meantime, if anyone knows anyone that wants to rent an apartment in Tumbler Ridge, give us a call.


andy said...

i'm confused. Did they actually get the apartment (with investors help)???
Tumbler Ridge? Up north near Alaska?


susan said...

Hold the wow. They are going to wait until they are both 14 before buying anything. But yah, they liked a place in Tumbler Ridge, up north, but still in BC.