Wednesday, November 14, 2007

All about the shiny, shiny

"Stop Mom, there is a wish on your cheek." My younger son gently lifts my stray eyelash onto his finger and tells me to blow.

"What did you wish for?" he asks.

Of course, I believe in wishes coming true. Especially if you share your wish and allow others to help you make it come true.

"I wish that we will be the happiest family for ever and ever," I reply.

"Oh, shiny, shiny. I just need shiny Pokemon," he says rather excitedly, the water in our bathtub swirling and threatening to spill onto the floor.

"How will shiny Pokemon make our family happy?" I ask

"Well, shiny, shiny makes me happy. And if I'm happy, you're happy, right Mom?"

Hmmmmm.... he's got a point. Shiny, shiny it is then.

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