Thursday, November 8, 2007

Please write for what's right

I wrote this letter today (below) and sent it to both David Emerson, MP and Stephen Harper, PM. I thought if you had time and inclination you could take a few minutes to copy and paste it into a few letters as well. A simple and easy present for people around the world. I was inspired by attending a recent conference where Mia Farrow spoke about her eight visits into Sudan / Chad. As she said, "things are getting worse, not better."

For more information:
Mia Farrow:


Hon. David Emerson, P.C., M.P,

I write to appeal to you, on humanitarian grounds, to put forward every effort Canada can muster, to:
  • put an end to the genocide in the Sudan and neighbouring countries
  • support displaced peoples with food, shelter, and health care
  • shelter women from rape, children from violence, and all victims from indignation
  • support NGO's in the good work they are doing now to provide care and comfort like no other organization can
  • ensure we no longer tolerate another Rwanda
As a member of your Vancouver Kingsway constituency, I assure you the importance of stopping senseless violence against innocent people around the world is as important as stopping the senseless violence happening on Vancouver's streets today. We are all people of this world, and I request the Canadian government do more for the people of Sudan.


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