Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Don't call child services

This morning, my youngest son declared that he would not be going trick-or-treating tonight.

"I don't want to get any candy because then I will get cavities," he said.

What is a parent suppose to say to that? "Oh hogwash, you HAVE to eat candy - it's Hallowe'en!" or "Don't worry about cavities, everyone has them these days." or "Why don't you just go get the candy and then Daddy and I will eat 'em up for you. We like cavities."

No, being a good parent, I tell him he can stay home with me and hand out the candy. Meanwhile my inner voice is shouting to him "Are you crazy? Go get the loot!!"

Upon hearing this story, my coworker says he is going to call child services on me. "What kind of parent has one kid that likes to give out financial advice and another that doesn't want to go out on Hallowe'en? There is obviously something wrong in your house."

Okay, so that was not a direct quote, but you get the point.

Really, we are not bad parents. We like Hallowe'en. We LOVE candy. We think it's strange for a kid to not want to indulge in candy. We also think it's a bit odd for a 12-year-old to give out financial advise (but truth be told, Paris has given that up...sort of).

Really, our house is normal. We play on the computer too much and wrestle in our p.j.'s. We eat too many cookies and stay up too late. We trade Pokemon cards and don't clean up our rooms. Just don't take our kids away - we will force the candy on them.

I promise.


Anonymous said...

You and Tony have been doing an excellent job of brain washing! I successfully convinced Cordelia that McDonalds is disgusting long ago - perhaps my greatest parenting achievement yet.

Mika Ryan said...

I feel your pain, I keep trying to convice my son to grow his hair out. Inspite of my efforts, he is always perfectly coiffed.