Wednesday, January 9, 2008

J'aime pas ca!

Have you met David yet? He is a cute little cartoon boy who is every parents nightmare. Bad David is fun to read, but you have to plan a pre and post reading discussion with your child to ensure all of David's little nasty tricks don't get tried out at home.

Tonight, David, starting page 4, was full of vim and nasty vinegar. Burping, pulling the cat's tail, breaking the window, and walking to school without his pants on, to name just a few. He even got his mouth washed out with soap for speaking like "Papa." (Papa le dit bien, lui!)

Tonight, we read David in French.

"J'aime pas ca," dit David (I don't like it, says David) as he sits in front of his food, grouchy face on.

"What would you say to David," I ask my youngest son, who is notorious for saying he doesn't like food before he tries it. I am expecting him to mimic me: "Just try it once before you say you don't like it."

But no...

"I'd get a pointy fork and poke him in the butt, and he would jump up and yell Owwwwwww.... and then eat up his food."

Hmmmm... I'm going to try that next time. And of course, I am documenting this here so that in 20 years when he tells me how I was such a bad Mom for poking him in the butt when he wouldn't eat his Pad Thai, I can refer him here and say "but you told me to."

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