Thursday, January 31, 2008


I happened to see this poem today and thought it appropriate. So, I am taking a bow today, as I have been working hard lately, and presenting much, and yesterday I passed a big milestone, and so I kinda feel like, TA DA!

Remember this
As you go through life
Performing your own small feats of prestidigitation.
No matter what happens,
Even on your deathbed,
Even if there is no house band,
Or for that matter an audience,
Don't forget to go
And take a bow.

Phil Cohen, Wakefield Village PoetWebsite click here
(on his website you can hear an audio file of Phil reading this poem)


Mika Ryan said...

I really love this......note to self, sometimes it's as simple as ta da!

andee said...

:) hee!

Maggy and Me said...

Hey there. I love this too! It's always a good thing (and not always remembered) to take a moment to mark life's achievements whether every day or monumental.
It's nourishing for the soul, inspiring for the heart, encouraging for the psyche - and a great example to set.

Enjoy! :)

A Diver's Mom said...

Hear me cheering for you as you take a well deserved bow. You've worked incredibly hard and I'm very proud to be your colleague! Way to go Suz!!!!