Thursday, June 30, 2011

Grrls Weekend with Superwoman and Rihanna

12 women, San Jose, Turning 40 birthday party for my high school friend Oriana.

Let's just say there was the usual stuff you would expect at a grrls weekend away - wine, main street shopping, feather extensions, vintage clothing, shot glasses, wine bar, heels and way too many cameras and laughs. So, in the spirit of blogging about Turning 40 - the good, the bad, the ugly - let's just skip to the part you may not expect, or at least I didn't.

We ended up going to Asia SF, a San Francisco Transgender Bar that claims to have the "Ultimate San Francisco Experience." Their website also claims "you'll never forget your birthday at AsiaSF." You can say that again!

The "dinner & a show" evening started as an entertaining experience upstairs, complete with incredibly beautiful transgender women serving dinner and drinks (think sautéed Pacific salmon, finished with a miso glaze, served over black “forbidden” rice with a sweet tomato-edamame salad and Truffled Soba Noodles - grilled portobello mushroom, asparagus slices, tossed with cool sesame soba noodles, white truffle oil & sweet tomatoes plus mini ice cream cones for dessert). After each course the waitresses would put on a new outfit and jump up on the runway bar for a tease dance act. Think Transgender Superwoman singing "I Will Survive" while pretending to whip those sitting on the bar stools.

After three courses and six dances and lots of pondering over how he became she, we all headed to the downstairs dance club to shake our booty. Little did we know the tease dances continued downstairs with a bit more flair.... including well, um.... the dancers touching the brides-to-be out for their stagette, um... up there and um... down there under the clothes and over the naughty places. there is something I haven't seen in my 4D years.

Let's just say I was glad Oriana wasn't there for her bridal stagette, we didn't stay too long and everytime I hear Rihanna sing  "I may be bad but I'm perfectly good at it. ... whips and chains excite me" I need to change the channel.  

On another note, here are a few quick pics from the weekend loot bag.

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Marla said...

It was a fun night until it turned dark. You summed it up perfectly! AND, how in the world did you remember that menu?! All I remember is YUM!