Thursday, June 16, 2011

Just 40 more hours to 40

Eeek... the big day is pressing upon me. Not that it's heavy or anything, but a birthday, like a looming deadline, is yet one more reminder of how much there is to do in life, and how little time there is.

Like this blog. I have committed to my friend Andy that I would blog about turning 40 this year. Hmmmm.... haven't blogged as much as expected. But, I've managed to jam tons of stuff into the last six months. (Which I will blog about sometime before I turn 41.... I promise!)

Soon, what are the big birthday plans?

I have three parties this weekend, of which one is to celebrate my birthday. My entire family is coming together Saturday night for a back yard BBQ party, complete with Pic-a-Pop and colourful lanterns hanging from the sky. We are going to pretend we are at a lake and it is summer time. I am going to drink black cherry pop, eat salt and vinegar chips and hopefully dance until the wee hours under my preferred version of strobe lights - old fashioned, old school patio lanterns.

To be honest, my family is organizing the whole thing so I don't really know what is going on. I get to show up. I kinda like that. Ah... time to enjoy the good things in life. (Just until the water bomb gets tossed my way then watch out... water fight is on!!!)

Friday night I am going to another 40th birthday party, which comes with fancy finger foods and a hipster DJ. Saturday afternoon I am going to a folk music festival that was organized by Paris at his local park.

On Sunday I get to reflect on the father's in my life. Which of course leads to reflecting on the mother's in my life.

Not a bad way to turn a corner. Or cross over. Attraversiamo. Or head down the other side of the hill. Or whatever other way you want to describe it.

Ready or not, here I come. Lordy lordy, I'm turning 40!

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