Monday, September 12, 2011

Bangs and a bad camera

When I took my photography course at Emily Carr University of Art + Design (many haircuts ago back when it was a college) I was told by my instructor that at some point in time every photographer conducts a photo shoot with themselves as the subject. One girl in the class handed in a portfolio of herself in her bedroom for our first assignment. (Yes, she had clothes on and yes, she looked like she wanted to take them off. I must admit, in this age of internet porn and public Facebook profile pictures, I still worry about her.)

I cut my bangs a few weeks ago. I was inspired by a woman I met who I liked who had hair I loved. Especially her bangs, I loved her bangs. I went home that night and hacked my locks off with a pair of bad eggshell-blue scissors. My friends who live far, far away, asked to see photos.

I often tell people it is the eye and light that makes a good photo, not the camera. I tell the story of a photogapher (forgot his name, can't find it) who was hired by a cell phone company to travel the USA and take just one picture a day with his cell phone for one year and share it with the world. He managed to get some amazing images without the use of a professional camera. ( FYI, I am for hire and come with an RV if needed to travel across BC or Canada and will share one picture a day, two, three, whatever.... just saying.)

So, here we are. A few photos from my very first self portrait series, taken of my new bangs, using my crappy Skype camera.

p.s. the first person who saw my new photos via Skype said I look like Joan Jett. Nice....

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