Saturday, June 9, 2007


Gloria. She is adorable. And impacted by Aids.

When World Vision called me a few weeks ago, how could I say no when they said a little Tanzanian girl needed help. A HopeChild.

Yes, we are still paying off our minivan and the monthly sponsorship will just add to our debt. But isn't that the point? We buy a bigger van to hold our family and our toys, and Gloria is just trying to survive along with her community. We can afford to help.

We can all afford to help.

Her face on our fridge, along side the photo of our Mongolian friend Lkhagvadorj, is a good reminder on those mornings when we don't feel like packing a lunch, those days when we don't feel like walking, those evenings when we don't feel like cooking. We do it anyways, and mentally put the pennies saved in their direction.

There are currently 562 Hope children that could use help. Nelson, Sanjay, Rose, Eliana, Beni, Jean. Congo, India, Tanzania, Zambia, El Salvador, Haiti.

They all need hope. They all need help.

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