Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Three days of no work.

Three days of no car.

Three days of walking to the library, showing up at backyard parties 20 doorknobs down, sleeping on the back porch lit with white lights, batting the badminton birdie in the back yard, spinning Frisbees at the local park, eating Canada Day cake a barefoot walk away, scarfing sushi around the corner from our front door, sharing dinner with the next door angel, playing with the roving kids fresh out of recess, biking to the elementary school playgrounds, renting movies and running home with them tucked under our arm, savouring picnics in the sunlight on the porch, pushing movers, chatting with block friends, walking around the hood, and discovering new candy stores with 10 cent rainbow sticks.

Simple, simple, simple life.

Three days of suiting me just fine.

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