Monday, March 31, 2008

Stay with me

Every night, my youngest son and I play a little game. After I have tucked him in, he asks me to stay with him.

Depending on my mood (and quite frankly, depending on whether or not I want to spend more time with him - he is a rowdy, monkey after all) I either say I can't, I will come back later, or I will stay for a little bit.

The other option of course, is to just crawl in bed with him until he is asleep. That is usually my favourite choice, but I also believe it is important for kids to feel comfortable sleeping on their own, so I don't bunk in too often. (But I also don't count the times he comes into my bedroom and crawls in under my covers... hee hee.)

Last night he told me that if I didn't stay with him for the whole night his nose would hurt. He rubbed it a lot as he said this, keeping a straight face the whole time.

Kinda reminds me of this post.

One day, I expect these mysterious body ailments of his will go away...but I hope not too soon.


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