Saturday, December 1, 2007

Friends in need

Last night, at 11:15 pm, I came home from a great Christmas party to a message from a few friends who needed help moving today. After multiple trips to their public storage locker yesterday, they realized they just weren't going to get everything done in time without a large van, which we just happen to have.

Of course I could help, but I hesitated for a few minutes. It's pretty late, I thought. Should I call and wake them up? My husband assured me that they would be awake, and he was right. (Moving kinda screws up the sleep schedule.)

So today, after dropping off the first load, returning the cooperative network car, feeding her baby, and packing up the second load, my girlfriend and I had a chat about friends helping friends. Turns out both of us have friends that don't want to call us to help because they think we are too busy, which drives both of us nuts.

The reason you call people friends is because you get along and because you help each other out . I want to help my friends. It makes me happy. Call it Mother Theresa syndrome if you must, but helping people with their lives helps me fulfill mine.

So, to all my friends out there, if you ever want help, even if it means you want a friend to help go for a walk, or drink a bottle of wine, or bake cookies, or babysit the kids, or mark tests, or paint walls, or fly to Vegas, or cry on my shoulder, or drive boxes to your storage locker, or talk until 3 am, or go dancing, or whatever, please call!

I'm not as busy as you think.


nigel220 said...

This is a cool post - I know exactly what you mean. Some friends assume because I have THREE children I have no spare time (and no life really) and that Maple Ridge was half way to Calgary (which it is of course) and therefore it would be too much effort. NO ITS NOT - really, I'm happy to pitch in (schedule permitting!!)!! I am moving next Saturday and my friends Margaret and William are helping (willingly I think!!). If for some reason William sleeps in (and he won't because it is soccer saturday) I will give you a call :-)

Kathy said...

just catching up on your thoughts here (finally have time to just sit and read...) and was highly amused with this summary of that crazy day!

we officially have everything in our new place now - last load was out of storage yesterday.

and i just can't even imagine how many trips that move out would have taken if not for the spontaneous reliability of a super duper good friend!!

so much gratitude for your positive energy and physical/mental/emotional help that day :)

now i need a friend to help me with a bottle of wine...