Saturday, December 8, 2007

Fully Meeting Expectations

I always loved getting report cards. There is something very satisfying about getting feedback and showing progress. I still have all my report cards from elementary school, thanks to my mom for keeping mementos.

Well, we just got the first report cards of the year from the kids - both excellent. Paris got 97% in Business Ed, no surprise there. And the little guy (who is fast becoming not such a little guy anymore, even wearing his brothers jacket from last year) got a bunch of "fully meeting expectations" and "exceeding expectations."

But as a parent, it is the comments that I love best, and I take them to heart as a report card of how I have been doing as a parent:

  • Interacts cooperatively with others - is friendly, kind, and helpful
  • Follows safety rules and displays proper behaviour in class
  • Stays on task when working independently
  • Identifies foods that contribute to healthy living
  • Describes the difference between individual needs and wants

As for Paris (not as many comments for the high schoolers, sad but understandable):
  • Words hard and has a good attitude
  • A pleasant and positive participant in class
  • Excellent effort and achievement
  • Homework has not always been completed (oops, maybe I need to start asking about homework again).
Words to make any parent proud, regardless of marks.


andee said...

"I always loved getting report cards"

spoken like a girl who always made the honour role! :)

susan said...

Nothing wrong with that is there? ;)