Saturday, December 8, 2007

My Report Card

Further to my last post, I just checked my "Resolution Book" to see how I have been doing this year with my New Years Resolutions. Thankfully, I have been doing okay as there is only a mere three weeks of the year left to tackle any gaps. Not enough time to make a significant effort.

Needless to say, I won't be hitting my healthy weight goal this year. Unless I stuff the turkey down the toilet and ring in the new year in the hospital after a day of cosmetic surgery. No problem, I've had happy days over the last year saying "yes" to another glass of wine with friends. (And don't even get me started on the chocolate - yum!!)

Usually, I hit about 80% of my goals. This year, I have hit 10 of the 12, missing the healthy weight and the goal of hiring a cleaning lady. Oddly enough though, the house has been cleaner, in our creative clutter kinda way.

What did I achieve?

My writing goal: over 157 blog posts on tunicate, and many more at work. I joined a writers group and would have had a story published if the diving magazine didn't decide to shut down and get out of Dodge.

My photography goal: finished a course at Emily Carr, 4 photos published in magazines, more published on the web, photo books and most importantly, a vast collection of family photos I love. The best part of the year was making a family photo book for my mom and dad.

Go on a trip by myself, for myself: okay, so speed-touring through the Kootenay Rockies with 7 of my co-workers might not be going by myself, but the end result was the same - a little adventure, a lot of fun.

Ride bike to work at least once: thankfully I added at least once, as I made it twice. Whew!

And my personal favourite, spend good quality time with the kids and Tony: checked last night, they still like us and still think we are fun, exciting parents. Yah!!

I won't bore you with the rest. But if there is anything in life you want to do, but just can't find the time or inclination to get started, I urge you to write the goal down. There is something about writing something down and sharing it with a friend or loved one, that eventually leads you to getting it done.

Comments to myself: Good effort and achievement. Good enough for this year!

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Maggy and Me said...

Hear, hear! Sounds like a tremendously successful year to me. There's nothing quite like looking forward, following through, deviating from the plan, living in the moment, and achieving rich and fulfilling results. And here's to 2008! :)