Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My kind of place

Every day I drive home through our "infamous" neighbourhood known as the poorest postal code in Canada. 90210 it is not.

Every day I am confronted by one of my favourite buildings smack dab in the middle of it all. 380 Main Street.

Bruce Erikson Place is a residential building built as a tribute to Erikson, a long-time community activist, city councillor and downtown eastside resident.

From what I know, the building has 35 residents for low-income singles and there is a roof top garden where residents can grow their own food.

But the reason I love this building is its face. The concrete facade on the front is a life-sized, inspirational poem, with a single word etched into each balcony facing the street.






As I drive by I can't help but think this building has to be inspiring for the neighbours who live on the street, sleep on the street, work on the street. It is inspiring for me, even with all my fortunes, for my life has been very fortunate.

I am reminded by a woman I met who had the word "STRENGTH" (yes - all in bold caps)tattooed on her back as a constant remind of her inner strength and abilities.



The Erikson building is public art, creature comforts, nourishment, home and hope for many.



What a legacy indeed. Pure poetry.

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