Friday, April 27, 2007

Ghostbuster Construction Pirates

Yesterday it rained grey and wet. And the news scrolling across the tv in the elevator wasn't too bright and cheerful either. I left for lunch feeling a bit low, looking at the cement as my feet swerved yet another splash and dash.

Then out of the corner of my eye I see a large blur of steely indigo blue. Three burly men, dressed identically in blue overalls and steel-toed boots, stride towards me swiftly, strongly, and silently like a band of determined pirates looking for their loot.

Also like Ghostbusters - minus out Proton Gun mobile particle accelerators, add in sledgehammers and keychains. I blurt out laughing, wide-eyed and stunned, and then try to get out of their freight train way.

I wish I had a video camera with me - it was the quintessential movie moment, with tough men walking side by side in slow motion (ah, but minus the slow motion) down the runway before jetting off on another adventure. Think Top Gun, Apollo 13, and Men In Black.

Smee, the short and stocky bald ghostbuster construction pirate I will name after the jovial assistant to Captain Hook, smiled back as I told him they looked like ghostbuster pirates. I think I made his day.

He definitely made mine.

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