Sunday, April 15, 2007

Oh Manfrotto

I have a new love in my love. He is long legged and rugged. Dark and handsome. Definitely the silent type. A bit on the heavy side, but oh, how that weight makes him sturdy.

Meet manfrotto. My new tripod.

I was introduced to him by my photography instructor, who instilled in me the importance of never starting a relationship with any other tripod. Manfrotto may cost a bit more, but he is loyal to the end and won't break down when you need him the most.

Last night, manfrotto and I snuck out together - our first tryst after dark. Such a bad girl I was.

We parked by the ocean and walked along the beach in the dark. I held onto him as tight as I could. He didn't mind (he is made of high-tech carbon fiber after all.)

We set up on a flat patch of grass. Lovers walked by looking at us funny, but I didn't care.

I won't reveal all the details, but let's just say that after an hour of trying a few different positions and pressing a lot of buttons, I was pretty darn satisfied.

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