Monday, May 7, 2007

Bow To Your Partner

It was one of those moments to cherish.

My older son is at the age - thirteen - where he is "exploring" music. Let's just say our usual Ben Harper, Bob Marley, and eclectic mix of mostly mellow melodies is being replaced with Jay-Z, Timbaland, Nelly, Fergie, Mims, Akon, etc...

Not that I mind, cuz ya know, I'm in wid that.

And it's entertaining to hear Paris ya know, get ina da me-u-sak, with arms a flailing swaying side t side rappin' like ya know, ya know, like its goin down, D-O-W-N, hit it and i'm outa here with da beat, da beat, gonna lay on some skins, JWIN. I-pod me homie like I'm William Hung. Smack that!

And that is when the moment happened.

Hey mom, want to square dance?

I still remember my square dance song from mandatory PE classes in grade five. Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh! still rings true and I can recite it... on an as needed basis. "Well, we all join hands, and we circle the ring..." you get the point. I gave up square-dancing as soon as the mandatory was dropped.

But this moment I wouldn't give up for front row seats to Nelly and J-T combined!

We do-si-doed, went front to back, and back to front. We laughed while swinging on elbows and sashaying down the imaginary grand chain. We wheel around and squeal around and giggle around until we promenade home.

Bow to your partner.

Thank you Paris. For the dance. For the music. For the moment.

1 comment:

andy said...

that's "GO Johnny, Go Johnny, GO"


I can never (unfortunately) erase those lyrics from my head.

"now you all join hands and you circle the ring, stop where you are give your honey a swing....."