Friday, May 18, 2007

Tunicate Tidbits

My younger son and I just read a book about plants that eat animals. So now, we want a Venus flytrap. Funny, but tunicates are often referred to as venus fly traps, like this excerpt from the Monterey Bay Aquarium:

"Predatory tunicates live anchored along the deep sea canyon walls and seafloor, waiting for tiny animals to drift or swim into their cavernous hoods. If you’ve ever seen a Venus flytrap capture an insect, you have a clue as to how a predatory tunicate eats. Its mouthlike hood is quick to close when a small animal drifts inside. Once the tunicate catches a meal, it keeps its trap shut until it’s ready to eat again."

Being the kind of natural gal I am, I hate screens on windows and doors. Let nature in, I say. Which means our house is filled with flies, bees, and moths in the summer months. Unfortunately, those moths get into everything, including our food.

Our plan? To get a few Venus flytraps. But, perhaps now I should get a few tunicates as well.
Here's another thought. Not that I have ever said it before, from now on I think the kids will think it's cool when I say "keep your trap shut." I will be sure not to use it in public

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