Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Phat Fat

So, after reading Red, White, and Drunk All Over, I signed up to receive Nat Decants, a newsletter on wine from Natalie MacLean. The newsletter this week offered a new wine word: fat.

Here is what she wrote about fat:

"The first word of the week is fat. This is a descriptor that usually refers to the texture of a wine that is smooth, round and slippery on your palate. Often these wines are high in glycerine, low in acidity and generous in their fruit flavors. In the wine world, fat is usually a positive term … I like that."

I kinda like that too, especially since I have been indulging in a bit too much wine lately.

And speaking of fat, I just discovered that phat is a backronym (and for a little light mental exercise, check out the definition of backronym from wikipedia). Here is the lingo around phat:

"An adjective in African American slang used to express approval. Hence, someone or something that is phat could be cool, entertaining, intelligent, attractive or otherwise to be admired. When the word first surfaced in the 1960s, men generally used it to describe attractive, or "fine", women. This meaning of phat has been assigned numerous backronym meanings, most commonly Pretty, Hot And Tempting, but also including others such as Perfect Hips, Ass and Tits and Pretty, Hot And Thick and "Penis, Hips, Ass and Tits" for unisex reasons."

Two very positive definitions of fat/phat.

Which leads me to one of my new favourite website, Acronym Finder, where I learn that phat also stands for Peace, Honour, and Truth. And fat also stands for Faithful and True.

Fat, or phat, is turning out to be a very, very positive word after all.

It all depends on how you look at it.

Oh, and by the way, THIN stands for The Health Improvement Network. Enough said.

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