Sunday, May 13, 2007

Squamish Kite Surfing Photography

The blast forced me to sit lower and lower on the rocks, allowing the jutting spit to block the Mother of all winds from reaching my stinging ears. Despite their dry suits and wet suits, the kite surfers swore at the cold BC water, and shared their sorrows with us onlookers. And then they would soar off again, into the snow-capped mountains or Shannon Falls or against the cargo ship docked on the opposite shore. I sat and shot away, and relished in the action as they played.

Here are my favourite shots from a morning at the Squamish Spit, windsurfing haven of the world.

The day was hazy and the sun was high, not a good combination for photography. However, I wanted to show you this next shot to get a perspective on the height, and the scenery. Man, we live in a beautiful place. The spit runs out from a protected estuary, and I half expected a grizzly bear to join us for a spell.

This yellow board hammed it up for us.

I love the colour contrast in the kites, and the mandatory hoodies walking around.

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