Saturday, January 20, 2007

100 Day Celebration

I attended my first Baek-il party today, celebrating 100 days of little Michael's half-Canadian, half-Korean life.

In the past, due to a lack of medical information, Korea's seasonal temperature differences, and many childhood related diseases, the death rate for children was extremely high. Many children died before their first birthday.

It therefore became a custom to celebrate many stages of the child's first year. Saei-rye is the 21-day Celebration, Baek-il is the 100-day celebration, and Tol is the celebration of the first year.

Mom and Dad wore their Korean wedding outfits while guests feasted on pizza, sushi, Chinese food and chips. Languages dipped in and out of understanding. Pool balls slammed into pockets. Conversations sat back on the red leather sofas. Neighbours met neighbours for the first time. You know, this is the kind of event that makes you really appreciate living in Vancouver. Fusion culture, fusion food, fusing friends.

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