Monday, January 8, 2007

Wah-hoo for Bumpy Roads

Even though I live on the urban-fringe of Vancouver, there are still two dirt alleys just down the street from my house. They are full of potholes and have little water creeks that run down them when it pours. Perfect for puddle-jumping in rain boots on the way to the corner-store for licorice.

We call these alleys Bumpy Road and the Other Bumpy Road.

“Mom, can we go down the Bumpy Road today?” my son asks.

“We already missed the Bumpy Road,” I answer, “but we can go down the Other Bumpy Road.”

Funny thing though, we never go down the Bumpy Roads, we only go up them, on the way home.

I have realized that the best way to go up the Bumpy Road and the Other Bumpy Road is to drive slowly. Really slowly. The slower the better, meaning the bumpier. More time for jiggles and wiggles and wobbles. The slower the better, the longer. More time for wheees and wah-hoos.

Sometimes, life is a little better when we slow down for the bumps, groove into them, and accept the ride, happily wah-hooing along.


Vanessa said...


Vanessa said...

Oh cool, my test worked! I left a comment the other day and it just disappeared.... I'm not so much technically challenged as I am technically impatient. Thank you for the distraction Susan and reminding me to slow down - that is certainly where all the 'good stuff is' :). congrats! v