Saturday, January 13, 2007

Just a Habit or Two

I started this blog as a way for me to create a new habit. I have always been a writer, just some years I focus on the craft more than others. Last summer, my horoscope read, "The only thing between you and the person you want to be is a habit or two. For instance, the habit of giving time to your creative life could be revolutionary for you." Hmmm, sometimes those things really do ring true.

Since then, I have spent more and more time writing. And this year, I am making a habit of writing every day. A friend, Tom Ryan, is doing the same with photography. He is taking a picture every day, part of Project 365. For each and every day, he will take his camera with him wherever he goes. I kinda like that. I kinda like his images, too.

Upon his inspiration I have started to bring more photography into my creative life as well. While I don't pledge to inject my camera under my skin, I am committed to letting the lens find its way into my life.

While walking through Queen Elizabeth Park today, I took a shot of this statue. I didn't stop to check for the official name, but for now, I will call it "Habit".

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