Friday, January 12, 2007

The World

Many, many moons ago, I needed an adventure but couldn't decide where to go. I had narrowed my choices down to Vietnam, Costa Rica, or the Czech Republic, but my inability to actually choose one did nothing but just delay the trip. Finally, I decided to let fate decide. So I spun my globe, closed my eyes, and blindly pointed to the spinning world. My finger landed on Taiwan. Close enough, Vietnam it was.

Currently, I feel as though I am in another backpack deprived state of mind. Perhaps it is the short, dark, cold days and the long, dark, cold nights. Perhaps it is the daily grind just grinding. Time to just purchase a ticket and go. Destinations on my current list of desirables include Mongolia, Turkey, Belize, and Costa Rica, still. (Fortunately, I married a Czech, so I have been to the old country a few times since Vietnam.)

Tonight, out of sheer desperation, I went upstairs, spun the globe, closed my eyes, and pointed. Where am I going? Oddly enough, I am heading right on the International Date Line, smack-dab between Monday and Sunday, south of the Aleutian islands, and north of Midway.

Just my luck, close to nowhere. But... there is something highly alluring in the idea of travelling to nowhere. As long as its sunny, warm, and endless.

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