Saturday, January 6, 2007

Geist Maps

Melissa Edwards is a cartographic genius. She has created the Caught Mapping series of maps of Canada, based on unexpected themes, with real geographical places. Maps for people with no place to go.

Take for example the Fairy Tale map, pointing out places like Sleeping Beauty Mountain, Shoemaker Lake, and Gingerbread Creek. Or the National Beer Map of Canada, where you can find Belcher Gulch, Brewer Bay, and Stout Lake. I like Stubby Lake.

I can relate to the Menstrual Map of Canada. Bitch Lake, New Moon Lake, Mount Bigger. Misery Mountain and Crying Girl Prairie.

What really got me hooked, was the Erotic Map of Canada. Who knew us Canadians would have the guts to name placed Lust Subdivision (what goes on in that neighbourhood?), Cumsack Mountain, Dick Burns Rock. And then there is Dildo and South Dildo. Suck Creek. Etang Slippery Stick. The Tits. And Swallow Lake, perfectly situated just a hot, skip and jump away from Hardman's Lake.

And of course, what True, North, Strong and Free Love map would be complete without Beaver Creek?

Maps are published in Geist Magazine and are compiled in book format too.

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